The Asbury Hotel | Asbury Park, NJ

Dom and I visited The Asbury last week to check it out as our possible wedding venue (!!!!), so to say I was excited is an understatement. As we pulled up to the hotel, I squealed and started clapping my hands (pretty much like this), which prompted Dom to say I was way too excited and needed to calm down. I obliged and pulled myself together, at least on the outside.

As we stepped inside the hotel I was immediately impressed by how accurately the renderings I'd seen depicted this beautiful space. The overall vibe of the hotel is welcoming, playful and warm. From the valet, to the front desk, to the bartenders, to fellow guests lounging by the pool, everyone was so friendly. We spent the day exploring the areas inside and outside of the hotel and enjoyed a cocktail by the pool as we talked over wedding ideas. The large, sunken couches in the lobby are where Dom and I spent the evening imagining how great it would be to have our friends and family surrounding us in that moment, and how we know they'd love this hotel and Asbury Park.

I always get nostalgic when we visit Asbury Park and I love the idea of getting married in the very place Dom took me on one of our first dates. There is a sort of magic in the air and its charm is like nowhere else I've ever visited. Asbury Park is not the "Brooklyn of the Jersey Shore," as it's been labeled. Asbury Park is Asbury Park: a unique beach town with a rock-n-roll history, thriving arts and food scene, and the best rum punch buckets. The Asbury has done a great job at paying homage to Asbury Park's roots and has added a unique, and inspiring place for creatives and fellow AP lovers to gather.

We look forward to visiting again very soon for a longer stay so we check out the completed wedding venue and rooftop bar. Unfortunately, I didn't get to take photos of the event space since it wasn't yet complete. Stay tuned for a follow-up post with venue photos!

Sidenote: we're just starting the wedding planning process, so any tips (other than eloping - haha!) are welcomed!

The Asbury Hotel Beer Garden Asbury Park, NJ |
The Asbury Hotel Asbury Park Wedding Venue |
The Asbury Hotel |
The Asbury Hotel Lobby, Asbury Park, NJ |
The Asbury Hotel lobby with pool table |
The Asbury Hotel pool table and bleachers Asbury Park, NJ |
Challenger Pinball machine at The Asbury Hotel, Asbury Park, NJ |
The Asbury Hotel lobby couches -  my favorite spot to hang |
The Asbury Hotel lobby communal space open to the public |
The Asbury Hotel couches are my favorite spot to relax in the hotel |
The Asbury Soundbooth Asbury Park, NJ |
The Asbury lobby bar Asbury Park, NJ |
Lobby Bar at The Asbury Hotel Asbury Park, NJ |

I was beyond impressed by The Asbury's staff, especially the front desk team members, who were incredibly friendly and made sure we were able to see the event space before we left, even though it was still under renovation.

NJ Pride cookies by Sweet Dani B at The Asbury food counter Asbury Park, NJ |
Breakfast from The Counter at The Asbury Hotel, Asbury Park |
The Counter at The Asbury Hotel Asbury Park, NJ |

I love the grey and yellow color scheme! And when you exit the elevator you're greeted by song titles, which are different on each floor.

Standard King Room at The Asbury Hotel Asbury Park, NJ |

With its minimal decoration, our room felt light and airy like a beach bungalow. We stayed in a standard king room, which was plenty of space for just the two of us, and the bed was really comfortable.

The Malin+Goetz rum body wash smelled so good, and I liked the fact that these dispensers are more eco-friendly than most hotels that have the little bottles of shampoo.

Ocean view from the Baronet rooftop at The Asbury Hotel Asbury Park, NJ | blog.cassie