Hey there, I’m Cassie

photo by Kristen Marie Parker

photo by Kristen Marie Parker

Joshua Tree, December 2018 / photo by Jay and Mack Films

Joshua Tree, December 2018 / photo by Jay and Mack Films


I was born and raised in a small town in Tennessee, but most people don’t pick up on my accent until I say “y’all” or “friend.” In 2011 I came to New York to visit my sister, who I should’ve known had more than a visit planned with the one-way ticket she “got a good deal on and just had to buy.” I was in New York for one week and landed a job I wasn’t even looking for. I took that as a sign, booked a flight home a week later, packed everything I needed in two suitcases and officially moved to New York the next day. It was the craziest thing I’ve ever done, and in my early years in NYC I seriously questioned my sanity, but it was the best decision I’ve ever made.

Eight years later, I’m a full time photographer living in Asbury Park, New Jersey with my soon-to-be husband, Dom (who you’ll spot cooking on my IG Stories - or filming weddings alongside me), and our two fluffy black cats, Tubby & Taco. When I’m not behind my camera or my computer, you can find me in my kitchen baking sourdough bread, seeing a live band, reading self-help books (as lame as that sounds), sipping on a rye old fashioned, or daydreaming about where Dom and I will travel to next.

We try not to take life too seriously :)

We try not to take life too seriously :)


My Approach to Weddings

Copy of photo: cassiecastellaw.com

My goal is to be everywhere, but nowhere at the same time

The majority of your wedding images will be candid and un-staged, with your focus on each other and your loved ones, rather than on my lens. During formal portraits, I’ll give you little prompts to help with natural, genuine interactions, rather than stiff poses. Once we arrive at your reception, I won’t pull you away from the party for photos (unless you need an excuse to get away from chatty Uncle Bob). This is your wedding day, NOT a full day photoshoot. Your job is to enjoy your wedding, and hopefully, forget that I’m even there. I’ll float around the room capturing moments as they unfold without being intrusive and in your face - like the perspective of a fly on the wall - but still close-by in case you want to snag a photo with your best friend from college who is visiting from out of state.


Years from now when you look back at your photographs with your children and grandchildren, I hope you not only remember how great you both looked, but I hope you’re transported back to this moment in time and once again feel the rush of excitement and the overwhelming amount of love you felt on your wedding day. 


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