My Cooking Party NYC Surprise 30TH Birthday for Albina

Jon told Albina just the two of them were going out in the city for a quiet dinner and dancing to celebrate her 30th birthday. Little did she know, she had 20 of her closest friends anxiously awaiting her arrival at her surprise birthday party at My Cooking Party, a private cooking school and event venue in the Flatiron district.

As Jon unexpectedly knocked on the side entrance door, Albina's friends scrambled and positioned themselves for the big reveal. The door opened and the birthday girl was greeted with a loud "SURPRISE!," laughter and a round of hugs. Just as Albina thought the surprise was over, a two-piece Mariachi band arrived and played a few songs while she and Jon danced as promised.

The rest of the night included preparation of a delicious 3-course meal, a gold sequin photo booth, so many speeches I lost count, and wine. Lots and lots of wine.

My Cooking Party NYC surprise 30th birthday party

The next few photos were taken while Jon told a story that involved his friend Drew, a grill, and a raccoon. I'll let your imagination fill in the blanks.

"That wasn't my responsibility, I swear!"

Amazing hot pink & gold red velvet cake by Chelsweets

Chelsweets gold and hot pink red velvet cake

I love being in on a surprise! If you're planning a surprise party, proposal or elopement, contact me to see if I'm available to document your day!