5 years!

Dom and Cassie in Martha's Vineyard

Since day one, we've been inseparable and early on everyone warned us both "be careful, you might get hurt." Thank God we didn't listen. I'd always been "careful" had so many rules for myself when it came to relationships to avoid getting hurt, but at the point in time when Dom came into my life, I threw all my rules out the window. I jumped in with both feet, with no expectations, and just went with the flow. I was coming out of a bad relationship and Dom brought me back to life. I loved just spending time with him and even if we had only lasted for 2 months, it would've been the happiest 2 months of my life.

I can't believe 5 years has already passed, and I can't imagine what the past 5 years would've been like without Dom by my side. It definitely wouldn't have been as fun. It hasn't always been the easiest but there's nothing that's come our way that we haven't been able to conquer together.

So here's to 5,000 more years of adventures, love, bickering like an old married couple, belly aching laughs, health, celebrations, traveling, and all the hugs and kisses. I love you more than I ever knew was possible and I'm so proud that I'll soon get to call you my husband! Happy Anniversary, my love ❤️