Battello Jersey City Wedding Anniversary | Renée + Alex

Renée and Alex arrived at Battello with their wedding cake and a bottle of champagne in hand. I was surprised to see Renée in her wedding dress and Alex in his tux, and I immediately thought "genius."

What better way to spend their first wedding anniversary than in the venue where they celebrated their marriage, wearing the same outfits, and eating the same cake they had on the same day one year prior.

Once they'd had enough cake and bubbly, Renée and Alex left Battello and made their way over to Oneails in Hoboken, the spot they went on their first date. As we walked through the streets, they received so many "congratulations!" and "you look amazing!" that I lost count. Renée laughed and said she felt guilty for double dipping in the congratulations. But the passersby were right, they did look amazing, and congratulations were due!

Congratulations on one year of marriage, Renée and Alex! I wish you 1,000 more! And Renée, kudos to you for wearing your dress again because who said you can only wear it once!


Battello, Jersey City

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